Definite Roadmap to becoming a Full Stack Developer 2024

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A full-stack developer is an engineer equipped with all the skills required to handle both the server-side and client-side development and management chores.

A full-stack developer is capable of working on Front End Technology, Back End technology, Database, Server, and version Controlling Systems and API. In short. He or she should be skilled enough to understand the client’s requirements and develop an architecture to implement it in the application or software. 

We all use numerous websites and web applications day-to-day for a variety of purposes, mostly for accessing information. Probably, you know that web designers and web application developers develop all these web applications. 

Most of the time, people or companies have to hire different people for doing various chores like developing front-end of a website or web applications, developing back-end, managing servers, databases, etc. 

A full-stack developer eliminates the need to hire several people by managing all things all alone. 

A full-stack developer could ensure that everything in the system runs fine and smoothly. Thus, for a company, a full stack developer reduces the cost to hire different people, save time, and may act as an expert to assist other developers. 

This is probably why companies keep hunting for full-stack developers, and a career in full-stack development is valuable. 

Do you want to become a full-stack developer and enter into this prospering profession? 

If yes, then this article is for you. In this article, I am providing you the exact roadmap you need to become a full stack developer and unlock the doors to countless career opportunities. 


Required Skills to become a full-stack developer

As I said previously, a full stack developer knows about a variety of technologies and programming languages. Down I have listed some must-have skills to become a full-stack developer. 

Front-end technology 

An efficient full stack developer should necessarily have expertise in HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, and other trending front-end technologies. Profound knowledge about other related technologies, frameworks, and libraries would further add to the skillset of the developer. 

Server-side languages

Full-Stack developers know server-side scripting and development. For server-side development chores, they need a profound knowledge of server-side programming languages like Java, Ruby, .Net Python, etc. Additional practical understanding of back-end development libraries and frameworks would further benefit. 

Database management and cache 

The database management system plays an essential role in software and web applications. Thus, a full stack developer should be skilled enough to handle and manage DBMS like MySQL, Oracle, SQLServer, MongoDB. 

Caching is yet another essential aspect of website and web applications. Thus proficiency in caching systems like varnish, Redis, and Memcached, is good to have.

Designing capabilities

Just getting the data delivered is not enough; a full stack developer should know how to present the information in an impressive fashion to attracts customers and users. Thus, proficiency in designing is a skill every full stack developer should possess. A basic understanding of UI/UX, prototype designing, and other related concepts are complementary. 

Server handling skills

A full-stack developer should know how to manage server like Apache or Nginx servers. Those developers with good knowledge of Linux and its systems could find it easy to regulate servers. 

VCS or Version control system

Developers often need to know about and track the changes and updates made in the codebase. GIT is a beneficial technology for the same. Using it, full-stack developers can track changes, make changes, add or remove code fragments without breaking the entire codebase. 


Every full-stack developer should know about consuming web services for valuable development. REST and SOAP are two popular API’s that are often used in various development tasks. a little knowledge of these would help you become a good full stack web developer

Other required expertise

Apart from the skills mentioned above, a full stack developer should also know

  • How to write quality unit tests 
  • A skill of automated processes for building testing, document, and deploying it at scale. 
  • Perception about security protocols and systems to avoid any security exposures at any layer of development. 
  • Sound knowledge of data structure and algorithms is also needed to become an efficient full stack developer. 

What is a software stack?

A software stack is a collection of programs utilized jointly to generate an obvious result. It incorporates an O.S. and its applications. 

You could learn about a software stack depending upon demand, trend, company needs, and career objectives. Learning a particular software stack would make you capable of becoming a specific type of full-stack developer.  

Here are a number of the software stack, you could choose to learn any of them depending upon what interests you and suit your needs. 


LAMP stack includes the following technologies and programming languages-

  • Linux 
  • Apache
  • Mysql
  • PHP

As you probably know, Linux is a very popular open-source O.S., and Apache is a well-known web server software, Mysql is an infamous database management system, and PHP is a server-side scripting language. 

When you learn the LAMP stack, you could quickly build various web applications and websites. Once you master the LAMP model, you can be called a full-stack web developer. Many popular online platforms like Facebook ate built on the LAMP norm. 

MERN Stack

If you wish to become a master web application developer, this stack is for you to learn. This model is based on javascript based technologies. 

  • MongoDB: A database which is NoSQL
  • Express: A framework for web program which light and portable 
  • React: A prevalent javascript library for U.I. creation of applications 
  • Node.js: A server-side JavaScript-based run time

Getting Started with MERN Stack CRUD App

MEAN Stack

MEAN stack is a popular choice among aspiring developers for being able to develop robust applications. The MEAN model includes the following technologies-

  • MongoDB
  • Express
  • Angular.js: A framework for formulating web programs with HTML 5 and javascript 
  • Node.js

Getting Started with MEAN Stack CRUD Operations

What task does a Full-stack web developer accomplish?

There are a variety of chores that a full stack developer does and manages like-

  • Understanding client requirements, implementing changes, implementation of new systems, and overall architecture. 
  • Managing various project and arranging with clients 
  • Developing and managing back-end
  • Developing front-end 
  • Managing database
  • Monitoring server and manipulating if required 
  • Monitoring performance, fi ding bugs, and optimizing applications if required
  • Testing and implementing codes to match client requirements 

Other tips on how to become a full-stack developer 
As you would have seen, a full stack developer has got a lot of tasks to accomplish, so he should be proficient in a variety of other things apart from technical knowledge like-

  • Excellent communication skills: A full stack developer often needs to talk with clients to understand their requirements and make them understand the procedures. Hence, a full stack developer needs to be an excellent communicator. If you wish to become a full-stack developer, better start working on your communication skills too. 
  • Creativity: While being creative is an added advantage in any domain, but as a full stack developer being creative is like a must. Not really a necessity, but just because your creativeness could be tested a variety of times by clients and development tasks. A full-stack developer in a company often assists other developers; thus, being creative makes you able to make people comprehend complex concepts quickly. 
  • Curiosity: A full stack developer has to know about a lot of technologies. These technologies keep updating with time, and new ones keep coming. An inherited curiosity to learn new stuff would make a full stack developer an evergreen professional. 
  • Time management skills: this goes without saying. If you have such a large number of works to do and manage, you are master at managing things on time so that you don’t upset your clients or boss. 

Final words 
On average, a full stack web developer could make $120,000 per year. This figure would fluctuate depending upon the organization you work for you. Even freelancer full-stack developers could make a reasonable sum of money. 

Big companies keep looking for full-stack developers.  

You would be surprised to know that Facebook once claimed that they only hire full-stack web developers. The versatility of full-stack developers makes them so desirable and valuable. 

Your decision to invest your time and money in becoming a full stack developer is justified, and you deserve kudos for that.

I hope this article will help you show the right path towards your goal. Thanks for reading.

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