Top GCP Certifications and How to Crack Them in 2024?

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It has been 11 years since google joined the cloud computing race with its Google Cloud Platform. Since then, the Google cloud platform is getting more and more popular and is evolving as a leading cloud computing service provider.

Google cloud platform provides a suite of cloud computing services. All these services GCP offers run on the same infrastructure that Google itself uses for its projects like youtube, Gmail, etc.

Why do you need to get GCP certified?

GCP offers management, developer, and security tools. It also provides modular cloud services such as Compute, big data, storage, networking machine learning, etc.

The significant products you get in GCP are Google compute engine, Google app engine, Google cloud storage, and Google container.

The list goes on; virtually GCP has a lot of services and tools to offer to developers and enterprises. This is probably why most big and small companies prefer the Google cloud platform for their cloud computing needs.

Getting yourself GCP certified means you can serve any of these companies relying on GCP. So your career alternatives augment once you get a GCP certification.

This is just one of the advantages, becoming a google cloud certified professional has even more benefits.

How do you get the Google cloud platform certifications?

Holding a GCP certificate indicates you know about GCP and have all the capabilities to work on it. 

Getting GCP certified is not as easy, but it’s not very tough either. If you could put some hard work, you can easily acquire those precious certificates. 

There are two approaches to get GCP certifications- the direct one and the alternate one. 

In the direct approach, you could first

  • Learn about cloud computing and GCP fundamentals. 
  • Learn to an architect with GCP
  • Start designing and processing complete applications. 
  • Finally, taking the examination called Cloud Architect Examination and getting certified.

As told earlier, there is also an alternative approach to getting certified in GCP or its services. It is as follows:

  • Learn about cloud computing and GCP fundamentals. 
  • Learn to an architect with GCP
  • Appear for cloud engineer examination to get certified. 
  • Start designing and processing complete applications. 
  • Finally, take the Cloud Architect Examination and get certified. 

There a large number of GCP certifications available meant for different people. For associates, for beginners, for experts, GCP offers certifications for all. Now we will discuss various GCP certifications and their features. 

1. Associate Google Cloud certified

The associate certificate is meant for beginners in GCP. Professionals and students can acquire thus certificate to get started in GCP. 

To get this Associate Cloud Engineer certification, you will need to appear in an examination. 

The examination will primarily test your knowledge and skills around deploying, managing, and monitoring solutions and services using the command line or console interface. 

Anyone interested in appearing for the examination and acquiring Associate Cloud Engineer certification should have hands-on experience on GCP of at least 6 months. 

The price to register yourself in the program is $125

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2. Professional Google cloud certifications

As the name suggests, these certifications are meant for professionals who are not absolute beginners on GCP. They can be thought of as a level 2 certificate. 

Preparing for acquiring these certificates will enable you to understand advanced architecture design, test, and implement these skills. 

The same aspects would be tested in the examination for the certification. Once you clear the examination, you will be rewarded with your desired certificate. 

Anyone looking to gain any of the professional certificates should have at least 3 years of industry experience, at least 1-year experience of using GCP for designing and managing solutions. 

The program period is in between 2 to 3 years. 

The cost to register for the certification process is $200

Various sorts of professional certificates are being offered by Google. I have listed all of them below. 

  • Professional Cloud Architect: All the people who are or aspires to become a cloud architect can apply for this certification. Cloud architects could develop complex cloud solutions with GCP. Google certified cloud architects are one of the best-paid professionals. Your skills to develop and manage complex solutions and services using GCP would be tested in the certification examination. 
  • Professional Data Engineer: People who want to become certified professionals data engineers who could build or design processing and data collecting machine learning models on GCP should strive for this certification. Your knowledge of the same will be tested in the certification examination. 
  • Professional Cloud Developer: All those people who wish to become Google certified professional GCP cloud developers can apply for this certification. This certification is primarily meant for software developers who can design scalable full-stack application on GCP if you can do that, you can appear in this certification examination. 
  • Professional Cloud Network Engineer: This certification is meant to certify that an individual can design, implement, and manage network architecture on GCP. If you aspire to become a Google certified cloud network engineer, you can appear for this certification examination. 
  • Professional Cloud Security Engineer: This certification certifies the capabilities of an individual in building and implementing and also managing security services using GCP security technologies. If you aspire to become a google certified cloud security engineer, try for this certification. 
  • Professional Collaboration Engineer: this certificate is meant for certifying G suite specialists. It is a level 3 certificate, and Google suggests to have at least 3 years of industry experience and at least a year’s G suite administration experience.

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3. G Suite Certification

This certification certifies an individual’s capabilities in using the core tools and services of Google in cloud computing. 

If you wish to get your certified in G suite, you could take up this certification program. The cost is $200 and the period ranges between 2 to 3 years. 

The certification exam would test your knowledge in key features of the G suite platform like Drive, Sheets, Gmail, Hangouts Meet, Docs, Forms, Slides. 

It tests your capabilities of handling common workplace activities using cloud-based tools for effective communication and networking. 

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Other Certifications

Apart from the ones mentioned above, Google offers a few more specialist certifications that are listed below. 

  • Apigee Certification: This certification validates that an individual is capable of working with Apigee products, APIs, processes, and practices. 
  • Google Associate Android Developer: This Google certification is meant for Android developers who wish to get validated that they could do operations and development related to android development.
  • Google Mobile Web Specialist: This certification by Google verifies a web developer’s ability to build and deploy web applications that are flexible and responsive, no matter what the platform is. 

How to prepare for the certification examination?

No matter what certificate you aim to acquire, you would be tested if you are worthy of that certificate through an exam. So you need to prepare for that exam. 

  • You should thoroughly comprehend the fundamental concepts of GCP and cloud computing. 
  • You should understand GCP architecture and its services. 
  • You should know the usage of GCP in an organization and how do they consume GCP in their projects for the best. 
  • Be clear about what certificate you ate, aiming for, and prepare for the curriculum accordingly. 
  • Practice the concepts you learn while preparing for the certification. 
  • The certificate is not meant for a lifetime. It has a validity of 2-3 years, so you would need to reappear for the examinations, thus keep preparing accordingly. 
  • You could reappear again after 15 days if you fail in the first attempt but be wary if you fail the second time, you would need to wait for 60 days before you could again attempt for the certification examinations. 
  • An important tip: For preparing for the certification, you can take up online courses on various platforms. Udemy, Coursera, etc. are some big names that provide courses to crack the GCP certification examination. These courses will be of great help in acquiring these certifications. 

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The verdict

These were the GCP and cloud computing certifications offered by Google and a few other specialist certifications provided by Google. To acquire any of these certifications, you will be assessed through an examination. 

You can take online courses on Udemy, Coursera, etc. to prepare for these certifications. 

Getting yourself Google certified GCP or cloud computing specialist comes with added advantages like getting a salary surge or increasing your employability.

One thing I would like stress upon again is, these certifications have some validity, so you will need to appear again for the examination. Thus, you should keep yourself aware of the latest updates and technology. 

There is some cost to register for these certifications, but the price is worth it, looking at the advantage of being Google certified. 

I hope this article helped you and showed you the right direction. Thanks for reading, and good luck. 

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