Golang vs. Python – Is Golang Better Than Python in 2024?

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Golang vs Python - Is Golang Better Than Python?In this tutorial we are going to make the comparison between Golang or Python, you will have the complete idea at the end of this tutorial which programming language between Python or Golang you should opt for your next software development project.

The web development industry has been in the limelight right from the introduction of the Internet, and this industry would remain in trend for decades to come. However, the technologies that drive this industry are continually changing.

Today, there are ample programming languages available to build websites. Python and Golang are two of the advance web languages. Which one should a proficient programmer or Web developer choose?

Developers at Google introduced Golang to augment productivity and shortcomings in development process arising with other programming languages. As you probably know, Golang is a more recently developed language than Python.

Thus this fact implies Golang is more advanced? What makes Golang better for Web Development? Is it time to switch? Calm down; I have the answers to all your doubts.

We will look at an intense comparison between Golang and Python in this article. So,

let’s dive into the battle of Python vs Golang.

Golang vs. Python: The scope in 2021

Let’s put web development aside for a while, and let’s see if learning Golang is worth it.

Python is an advanced language that caters to a wide range of development chores. It is a structured programming language that is interpreted and object-oriented. Python helps design web applications, software, desktop GUIs, business applications, ERP, and eCommerce systems, etc. It also has its use in AI and Machine learning.

Python offers a wide range of frameworks for web development, and its library supports a wide range of internet protocols. So virtually, Python has got a great use, it is always worth learning Python, but what Golang has to offer?

Golang is a general-purpose programming language often thought of as a competitor to Python. It is a statically typed compiled language with user-friendliness and is easy to learn.

Golang helps design websites, mobile applications, web applications, advanced and ERP systems, complex software development.

The list is so long, and It doesn’t just end here, its use in the world of cloud services, computation clusters, networked systems, Data Analysis, AI, and machine learning is also appreciable.

When we compare Golang and Python in terms of its scope, they both can be used in numerous realms. However, experts suggest Python is far more multipurpose than Golang. Golang is a language like Python with extensive use. Let’s move on to the second parameter.

Python or Go – Which is faster for Web development?

Who does not love to finish their job early and have some leisure time? Everyone does. Moreover, speed augments productivity.
While Python is not very slow to develop websites, and it is a feature-rich language, but Golang comes across to be faster than Python.

Golang is a decent language to write server-side scripts for high performance. Golang offers quick development cycles. Performance is the key, and Golang is master of speed and performance.

Golang also has better support for concurrent. Python demand more top resources use for concurrency process, whereas Golang is better at saving resources and memory by using isolated goroutines.

Golang for backend development is a big yes as it can deal with a vast number of requests with high concurrency. Golang also has a quicker startup time. Golang is more lightweight than Python. Overall, Golang is designed for people who want to build websites at a fast speed.

Which is simpler to learn and work with?

Do you know why a lot of people hate Java despite its extensive capabilities? Because Java is complex, and so gets Python when it comes to complex extended programs.

Golang is a simple, easy to understand programming language with simple syntax. Though Python also has a simple syntax, Golang is simpler to learn and work with. Golang is based on C language so you can trust its clarity.

Golang came into existence to solve practical problems at Google, and thus it is more pragmatic. You don’t need to stress much on language structure to be able to create classic websites and applications.

Which language is good at handling bugs?

Bugs in the code are something every programmer hates? It’s frustrating when you can’t find a solution to the bugs.

Many programmers love Golang for how it handles errors. It could handle errors at the compile-time, making it programmer-friendly (and end-user friendly).

Not to forget, Python has dynamically typed language while Go is statically typed and compiled. This gets us to our next comparison.

Which has better support for concurrency?

Python does not have built-in concurrency, while GO and Golang does have concurrency support. This is yet another plus point of using Golang for efficient development.

Which is safer?

Python Python 3.8.1 is a reasonably safe language to work with, but so is Golang. As Golang catches all errors and bugs at the time of compilation, you can rest assured of type safety when working with the Go language.

Which offers a better library or package support?

Python has a vast amount of libraries. Python is far more abundant in the library than Golang, but Golang has a good number of libraries for web development, encryption, and concurrent programming.

Golang has many built-in functions, and you would rarely need to rely on other tools and libraries.

Which has a better Integrated Development environment?

IDE plays a crucial role in your development cycle; good IDE could help you construct faster while inefficient ones could hinder your productivity. That said, Golang has a great to use IDE and debugging tools for more rapid programming.


Who wins the battle? Golang or Python?

As you have read, both Golang and Python have their plus points and shortcomings, but if we have to conclude a winner, which language would we choose?

I would choose Golang if I were a part of a web development team or company looking to increase its productivity and efficiency.

More and more people are switching to Golang for developing backend technologies and also front-end, so it seems to join the movement is the right decision. Golang is one of the fastest-growing programming language.

Many People say Golang is the future of application development, and I can’t agree more. At the same time, I believe Python is nowhere to go for at least the coming decades as there is no programming language as feature-rich as Python 3.8.1, which has got its use in a large number of domains.

What do you think? Are you switching to Golang to develop websites faster and readily? Let me know in the comments. I hope you liked the article, and it helps solve your dilemma.

Thanks for reading and Happy coding!

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