How to Get Google reCAPTCHA v3/2 Site Key and Secret key

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Google reCAPTCHA is a free and well-known service which secures your website from abuse and spam. To get the site key and security key, your application or domain name must be registered with Google reCaptcha.We can also acknowledge the site and secret key as public and private keys. Google allows you to have these keys after registering your web or mobile application.

  • Site key: Invokes the reCaptcha service on your web site or mobile application.
  • Secret key: It makes the communication between your application’s backend and reCaptcha server to validate the user’s response.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to quickly get the Google reCaptcha API keys by going through the following steps mentioned below.

Get Google reCaptcha Site and Secret Key

Step 1: Go to Google reCaptcha website click here.

Step 2: Click on “Admin Console” large blue button at the top right corner.

Google reCaptcha Admin Console

Step 3: Login into your google account to register Google reCaptcha.

Google account

Register a new site for Google reCAPTCHA

Step 4: Register a new application, select reCaptcha v3 or v2 from the reCAPTCHA type option and register the domain name and click on save button.

Registration form in Google reCaptcha dashboard allows you to register your app. There are two reCaptcha options v3 or v2 you can choose either of the version.

The reCAPTCHA v3 verifies the requests with a score.

The reCAPTCHA v2 validates the requests with a challenge and offers three methods to process the validation.

  • “I’m not a robot”: Checkbox Validate requests with the “I’m not a robot” Checkbox
  • Invisible reCAPTCHA badge Validate requests in the background
  • reCAPTCHA Android Validate requests in your android app

Register a new site for Google reCAPTCHA

Get Google reCaptcha Site and Secret Key

Once the required information is added, you will be landed on a new page. Here you can see your reCAPTCHA Site Key and Secret Key for the registered web or mobile application.

Copy your Site and Secret keys.

Get Google reCaptcha Site and Secret Key

Now, you can freely use the site and secret key in your web application and can configure the Google reCaptcha easily.