What is VMware mean?

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VM ware was launched in 1998, which provides software and virtualization of various applications. The company had become one of the major providers of the virtualization of software on the industry. There are two main product category fpr the company- desktop applications and applications related to servers.

Five efficient IT professionals had founded VMware in 1998 and the company launched their first product in the year of 1999 in the name of VMware Workstation. The next product wad the VMware GSX Server back in 2001. Meanwhile there were various other products launched.

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The VMware’s desktop applications are compatible with almost every operating system like Windows, Mac OS and even the Linux OS. There are three different kinds of desktop software by VMware.

VMware Workstation: used to run several copies of the same OS on the single computer machine once it was installed on the system.

VMware Fusion: basically designed for the Mac OS users, this product would provide better compatibility to the users.

VMware Player: launched for free use for the people, this was mostly for those who do not have any licensed VMware products purchased before. it was manufactured only for personal use.

The VMware’s software were driven towards the intent for the servers for bare-metal hypervisors embedded and those can run directly over the servers hardware without any special need for running directly over the server hardware. VMware’s servers include –

VMware ESX Server is an solution at the enterprise level whose main aim is to provide support and better functionality.

VMware ESXi Server is the server which is similar to the ESX server in different ways except the service console which gets replaced by a BusyBox installation module and takes very less storage space.

VMware Server: free software that is compatible with all the popular operating systems.

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