What is Virtual Classroom?

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A virtual classroom or a smart classroom as many people will call it is an interactive learning and teaching environment where the students or any other participants can interact, communicate and discuss various presentations with the full support of learning resources.

Most they work in a group in an online setting. With the help of video conferencing, the participants can interact and allow multiple users to participate in it as well via the Internet. Therefore it allows the users or participants to interact from virtually anywhere they want to.

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Virtual Learning Environment or VLE is another term used to describe virtual classroom. Even though no solid definition will clearly define what a virtual classroom is, but the most logical definition amongst all of them is that – an online classroom that has the environment to facilitate the learning process via advanced video conferencing applications.

The participants include teachers and a group of students. However, because of its versatile nature, the classrooms may not always have an instructor or a teacher.

The participants can proceed and learn at their own pace at which they are comfortable with. This type of virtual classroom is known as an unsupervised virtual classroom. The exams after each lesson can be automated once the participants have understood the whole lesson. The students can read a PowerPoint presentation or on YouTube watching a video presentation. Undoubtedly, YouTube has, therefore, become one of the most popular media for the virtual classroom.

Another type of virtual classroom is a supervised or classroom led by an instructor. This is more like a traditional classroom with a tutor. There needs to be at least one active instructor present in the class with a group of students. The lesson is carried out in real time within a specific date and given time. The students can attend it virtually via a video conferencing application. Both the students and teachers can actively participate in class.

Find out the virtual classroom benefits:

  • Participant can’t be bound to courses that are imperative and available in the lessons.
  • Learning becomes more interactive because of the virtual system and environment.

Virtual classroom has the following disadvantages:

  • The schedule of the virtual lessons can be a bit problematic to the students.
  • The classrooms can be limited by the technological systems and abilities of the students
  • Slower internet speed or buffering time can be a significant disadvantage.

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