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Best Way to Update Angular CLI To Latest Version 7 | 8

Today I am going to tell you mostly asked question how to update Angular CLI to version 7 | 8. Currently, Angular 7 version is the latest version, and Angular team releases a new version in every 6 months. To keep your app updated, you must know how to update Angular CLI to the latest version. In this tutorial, I am going to update from Angular version 6 to 7 so let us do it.

How to check Angular CLI version?

Before updating Angular CLI version, we must know which Angular version we are running on our system. This can be done by a very simple command, enter the following command in your terminal.

ng --version

This command will show the installed Angular version in your system.

Update Angular CLI to latest version 7 | 8

Run the following command to install Angular CLI package globally in your machine.

Command for Mac Users

sudo npm uninstall -g angular-cli

For Windows Users

Windows powershell users use below command as an Administrator .

npm uninstall -g angular-cli

This command will will uninstall the angular-cli package globally from your machine.

Then don’t forget to clear the cache using the given below command.

sudo npm cache verify

Use the following command if your NPM version is less than 5.

npm cache clean

You are all set to install the Angular CLI again using the following command.

sudo npm install -g @angular/cli@latest

If any how you are seeing the old version, try the below command.

ng update @angular/cli

It’s time to check out your Angular CLI version, hit the below command.

ng --version

Once you are done updating both global and local packages, use the below command to clear the cache to get rid from the errors.

npm cache verify (recommended)

npm cache clean (use for older npm versions)

How to Update Angular Packages

If you are willing to update the core Angular packakges or dependencies, hit the below command in your terminal.

ng update @angular/core

How to update RxJS?

Use the below command to update RxJS via Angular CLI.

ng update rxjs

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