Top 35+ ASP.NET MVC Interview Questions & Answers 2021

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Confused about what questions can be asked from ASP.NET in an interview? Here are some questions which can help you to crack an interview easily. 

Best 35+ ASP.NET MVC Interview Questions with Answers in 2021

Here is the list of common ASP.NET MVC Interview Questions and Answers, that are mostly asked in year 2021 from web developers.


1. What do you mean by the word MVC?
The full form of MVC is the Model- view- controller. It is an architectural pattern used in software architecture. This implements user interfaces. The main work of MVC is to divide a software that is already given into three parts. These parts are interconnected to each other. 

2. Tell us about Model, View, and Controller in MVC. 
Model — Model represents the application data.

View — MVC has a presentation layer, named view.

Controller — when the user sends a request, then it goes through the controller. By using the View() method, it redirects the specific view.

3. Write a short note on MVC’s page life cycle?
Here i am explaining about the page life cycle of MVC

App initialization is the first step.

  • Routing is the second step.
  • The third step is Instantiate and execute controller.
  • The next step is to Locate and invoke controller action.
  • The last step is Instantiate and render view.

4. Explain version 4 of MVC’s (MVC4) new features.
Here are some new features of version 4 of MVC’s (MVC4)

Asynchronous controller task support is a feature added newly. 

Bundling the java scripts, Mobile templates are also added recently to the version 4 of MVC.

Another newly added features are Asynchronous controller task support and Bundling the java scripts. 

5. What are the Actions in MVC?
The Controller class has some methods which are called Actions. For returning the view or json data, they can be held responsible. Action has a return type — “ActionResult”. method “InvokeAction()” invoked it . The controller generally calls it.

6. What are the important namespaces which are used in MVC?
Here are some namespaces mentioned which are used in MVC- 

A. System.Web.MVC is a namespace mostly used in MVC. 

System.Web.MVC.Ajax is another namespace that is used in MVC. 

System.Web.Mvc.Html and system.Web.MVC.Async are also two namespaces used in MVC. 

7. How are sessions maintained in MVC?
There are three ways to maintain sessions in MVC. 

  • The first way to maintain sessions is- tempdata 
  • The second way to maintain sessions is viewdata
  • The third way to maintain sessions is viewbag.

8. Explain the three segments for routing, which are essential.

The three steps are here- 

  • ControllerName
  • ActionMethodName
  • Parameter

9. Tell us about the MVC application life cycle?
Step one is Fill route

the next step is Fetch route

the third step is: here Request context gets created

at the last step: Controller instance gets created. 

10. What do you mean by the sub types of ActionResult?
ActionResult represents the action method result.
Here you can see the subtypes of actionresult-

  • ViewResult
  • PartialViewResult
  • RedirectToRouteResult
  • RedirectResult
  • JavascriptResult
  • JSONResult
  • FileResult
  • HTTPStatusCodeResult

11. What do you know about the types of Scaffoldings?
Here are the types of scaffoldings: 

  • Empty
  • Create
  • Delete
  • Details
  • Edit
  • List

12. In which manner scaffolding use internally to connect to the database?

To connect to the database, scaffolding internally uses the Entity framework.


13. What do you mean by Razor View Engine?
ASP.NET MVC has a default view engine. The name of that default view engine is Razor. 

14. How can you enable Attribute Routing?
Adding the MapMvcAttributeRoutes() method to the code will enable attribute routing. 

15. What is HelperPage? IsAjax property?
HelperPage.IsAjax property is used to know whether Ajax is being used when there is a webpage request or not. 

16. Tell us about the most appropriate lifetime for a database connection in an ASP.NET MVC application.
As the request doesn’t live very long, that’s why the lifetime should be the same as the request. 

17. What is the action method?
For URL mapping, the action method is defined by controllers. Action methods manage every request that the MVC application received. 

18. Tell us about the filters. 
Filters define logic. It should be performed after or before the action method. 

19. Name some of the MVC filters.
Here are some MVC filters 

  • Exception filter
  • Action filter
  • Authorization filter
  • Result filter

20. Which filter executes in the last?
The execution filter executes at last.

21. What are the usage of Html? Partial in MVC?
The specified partial view is rendered by this method as an HTML string. There are no methods on which it is dependent. We can use this as the following pattern –


22. Tell us about the layout in MVC?
In traditional web forms, layout pages are similar to master pages. The usability of this is – that it is generally used to set the everyday look. In all child pages, anyone can find </p>

  Layout = “~/Views/Shared/MyLayout.cshtml”;

23. Tell us about the sections of MVC.
Sections of MVC is a part of HTML. This renders the layout pages. 

The below syntax is usable for rendering HTML. 


And in child pages we are defining these sections as shown below:

@section MySection{
<h1>Hello Admin</h1>

24. Tell us about the methods that are used to render the views in MVC?

  • View()
  • PartialView()
  • RedirectToAction()
  • Redirect()
  • RedirectToRoute()

25. What the Non Action methods in MVC mean to you?
Here all public methods are treated like actions. If you want to create a method and don’t want to use it as actions, then the method is decorated with ‘non action’ attribute

public void MyMethod() {

 // method goes here



26. How can the action name be changed in MVC? 
By using the Action name attribute, one can change the action name. you can see the following example as a reference.

public ActionResult MyAction() {
  return View();

27. What do you mean by the Code Blocks in Views? 
Code blocks in views are not like code expressions. It is used to declare variables.


int x = 007;

string y = “aa”;



28. Explain about HelperPage.IsAjax” property.
It gives value. The value indicates whether Ajax is being used at the time of requesting the webpage. 

29. Can constraints are addable to the route?
Yes, constraints can be added to the route.

30. What are the ways to add restrictions to the route?
in following directions, constraints can be added 

Using Regular Expressions

Using an object which implements interface — IRouteConstraint.

31. What do you mean by the possible Razor view extensions?
Here I am explaining about the two types of extensions razor view

 int x = 007;
 string y = “john”;

32. tell about partialview in MCV. 
partialview is similar to user controls. It is used for reusability. 

33. Tell us about the ways partialview can be rendered?
In the following ways, partialview can be rendered- 



34. Is it possible for anyone to add MVC Test cases in Visual Studio Express?

35. What is routing?
The mechanism to process the incoming URL is called routing in MVC. It generally gives the desired response.

36. Tell us about the types of filters?
Following are the types of filters

  • Action Filters
  • Authorization Filters
  • Result Filters
  • Exception Filters

37. What do you mean by an action filter?
Action filters implement logic When a controller action executes, and logic gets executed before and after of it. 

38. What are the three layers by which the MVC model defines web applications?
The three layers by which the MVC model defines web applications are – 

  • Model logic – The business layer ()
  • View logic – The display layer
  • Controller logic – The input control

39. How can you render raw HTML in the MVC view?
You have to use Html.Raw helper to render raw Html in MVC. The syntax is as follows- 

@Html.Raw(‘<h1>This is an example</h1>’);


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