Laravel 10 Import Records in SQL with CSV and Seeder

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In this comprehensive tutorial, you will learn how to import records into an SQL database in Laravel using CSV files and a custom seeder.

Importing data efficiently is a critical aspect of web development, especially when dealing with large datasets. By using CSV files, you can streamline the process of loading data from external sources into your database.

In this tutorial, you will:

  • Prepare the CSV file: Ensure your CSV file is formatted correctly for the import process.
  • Create a custom seeder: Write a seeder class that uses `fgetcsv()` to read data from the CSV file and import it into the database.
  • Handle data import: Use the seeder to create records in the database from the CSV file.
  • Avoid duplication: Learn how to use `Transaction::truncate()` to remove existing records before the import, ensuring fresh data each time.

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll be able to efficiently import data from CSV files into your Laravel application using a custom seeder. This skill will be invaluable for managing data imports in your projects.

How to Import Large SQL Records in Laravel 10 using CSV and Database Seeder

  • Step 1: Download New Laravel Project
  • Step 2: Make Database Ready
  • Step 3: Set Up CSV
  • Step 4: Incorporate Model and Migrations
  • Step 5: Add Large Records using CSV
  • Step 6: Start Laravel App

Download New Laravel Project

You must have created the laravel app; however, if not, get to the command-line tool.

Type the command and initiate the app installation process.

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/laravel LaravelTest

Make Database Ready

Next, you will have to make your database ready to create the consensus between your laravel app and database.

Open .env and define the database name, username and password respectively.


If you are using MAMP local server in macOs; make sure to append UNIX_SOCKET and DB_SOCKET below database credentials in .env file.


Set Up CSV File

Let us prepare the csv file; for that, you have to ensure you are in the database folder, here you have to create `csv` folder and a transaction_report.csv file.

Theoretically, this csv file holds the dummy transaction report with Transaction_date, Price, Payment_Type, Name, City, US Zip

Here is the data that you have to add into the database/csv/transaction_report.csv

Transaction_date,Price,Payment_Type,Name,City,US Zip
01/11/2009 17:28,1200,Visa,Sophie,Newtown,6470
01/03/2009 21:11,1200,Mastercard,asuncion,Centennial,80112
01/23/2009 11:33,1200,Mastercard,Sandrine,Walnut Creek,94596
01/07/2009 19:06,3600,Amex,Brittany,Orlando,32801
01/05/2009 19:29,1200,Visa,Carmen,Arlington,22201
01/25/2009 8:54,1200,Amex,Corinne,Anthem,85086
01/12/2009 8:05,1200,Amex,Francoise,Danville,17821
01/15/2009 8:12,1200,Visa,Katherine,Marietta,30060
01/19/2009 14:53,1200,Mastercard,Laura,Fairfield,52556
01/11/2009 6:01,1200,Mastercard,Anna,New York,10007
01/18/2009 11:17,1200,Amex,Rachel,Atascadero,93422
01/17/2009 3:22,1200,Visa,Rachel,Fresno,93702
01/12/2009 20:43,1200,Visa,Alicja,Kenmore,98028
01/05/2009 10:25,1200,Amex,linda,Arlington,22201
01/06/2009 16:08,3600,Visa,cristina,Seattle,98104
01/13/2009 5:58,1200,Mastercard,Kit,Suwanee,30024
01/01/2009 9:35,1200,Mastercard,Barbara,La Crescenta,91214
01/16/2009 11:49,1200,Mastercard,Yoko,Andover,1810
01/13/2009 11:54,1200,Visa,alice and rudolf,Baltimore,21224
01/15/2009 9:52,1200,Amex,Mark,Holmdel,7733
01/27/2009 8:11,1200,Visa,Helena,Fremont,94538
01/21/2009 9:07,1200,Visa,Elaine,Vienna,22180
01/25/2009 19:59,1200,Visa,Kim,Seattle,98104
01/10/2009 21:36,1200,Visa,Craig,Seattle,98104
01/28/2009 20:59,1200,Visa,Michele,Austin,78701
01/05/2009 12:41,1200,Mastercard,Kathryn,Pacific Beach,92109
01/30/2009 19:12,1200,Diners,Heather,Ooltewah,37363
01/19/2009 8:52,1200,Visa,Pam,Richmond,77469
01/28/2009 20:44,1200,Visa,Whitney,Falmouth,22405
01/06/2009 16:07,1200,Visa,Margaret,Terrell Hills,78205
01/23/2009 21:41,1200,Visa,Joanne,Oak Park,48237
01/09/2009 19:41,1200,Mastercard,Tarah,San Jose,95113
01/07/2009 13:49,1200,Diners,megan,West Hills,91303
01/12/2009 14:50,1200,Visa,Holly,Arlington,2476
01/07/2009 20:15,1200,Amex,Nicole,Houston,77002
01/07/2009 15:12,3600,Visa,Anabela,Flossmoor,60422
01/07/2009 7:44,1200,Mastercard,Marie,Ball Ground,30107
01/06/2009 22:19,3600,Amex,Ritz,Pittsfield,5762
01/06/2009 23:00,3600,Amex,Sylvia,Pittsfield,5762
01/09/2009 6:39,1200,Mastercard,Anneli,Houston,77002
01/08/2009 16:24,1200,Visa,jennifer,Phoenix,85004
01/06/2009 7:46,1200,Amex,Kelly,Reston,20190
01/03/2009 9:03,1200,Diners,Sheila,Brooklyn,11226
01/08/2009 3:16,1200,Mastercard,Linda,Miami,33130
01/08/2009 3:56,1200,Mastercard,Katherine,New York,10007
01/08/2009 0:42,1200,Visa,Family,Los Gatos,95032
01/01/2009 20:21,1200,Visa,Maxine,Morton,61550
01/07/2009 8:08,1200,Diners,Bryan Kerrene,New York,10007
01/01/2009 2:24,1200,Visa,Lisa,Sugar Land,77478
01/06/2009 7:18,1200,Visa,asuman,Chula Vista,91910
01/02/2009 7:35,1200,Diners,Hani,Salt Lake City,84111
01/02/2009 14:18,1200,Visa,Richard,Riverside,8075
01/05/2009 10:08,1200,Visa,Georgia,Eagle,83616
01/02/2009 9:16,1200,Mastercard,Sean,Shavano Park,78230
01/05/2009 2:42,1200,Diners,Stacy,New York,10002
01/02/2009 20:09,1200,Mastercard,adam,Martin,38237
01/04/2009 20:11,1200,Mastercard,Fleur,Peoria,61601
01/04/2009 13:19,1200,Visa,LAURENCE,Mickleton,8056
01/04/2009 12:56,3600,Visa,Gerd W,Cahaba Heights,35243
01/03/2009 9:58,1200,Visa,Anja,Gainesville,20155
01/06/2009 15:12,1200,Amex,lydia,Sandy Plains,30075
01/24/2009 11:05,1200,Visa,alan,Norcross,30071
01/24/2009 7:14,1200,Mastercard,nihan,Roanoke,24018
01/18/2009 6:09,1200,Mastercard,Ignacio,Engleside,22314
01/04/2009 13:20,1200,Mastercard,Nuria,Superior,80027
01/02/2009 9:57,1200,Amex,leigh,Potomac Falls,20165
01/31/2009 11:14,3600,Mastercard,Ulrika,Scottsdale,85251
01/11/2009 14:07,1200,Visa,Sarah,San Francisco,94103
01/31/2009 8:56,1200,Mastercard,Laura,Coconut Grove,33133
01/31/2009 7:22,1200,Visa,Monica,Weston,6883
01/30/2009 20:36,1200,Visa,Renee,Edinburg,78539
01/08/2009 13:19,1200,Mastercard,valerie et nicolas,Glenn Dale,20706
01/26/2009 11:38,1200,Mastercard,Gabriella,Austin,78701
01/07/2009 18:53,1200,Visa,Marie-Christine,Durham,27701
01/19/2009 10:32,1200,Mastercard,Maie,Queen Creek,85142
01/26/2009 12:05,1250,Mastercard,verena,Queen Creek,85142
01/02/2009 9:31,1200,Visa,camilla,Chicago,60608
01/11/2009 12:22,1200,Visa,Marina,Minneapolis,55401
01/02/2009 13:08,1200,Mastercard,Federica e Andrea,Astoria,97103
01/22/2009 22:16,3600,Mastercard,leanne,Clyde Hill,98004
01/29/2009 15:08,1200,Visa,KERRY,Sunnyvale,94086
01/29/2009 10:09,3600,Mastercard,Jacqui,Scottsdale,85251
01/29/2009 12:28,1200,Mastercard,Alva and Martin,Great Falls,22066
01/23/2009 15:33,1200,Mastercard,T,Brooklyn,11226
01/09/2009 15:24,1200,Mastercard,alex,Farmingtn Hls,48336
01/13/2009 18:08,1200,Amex,Amanda,Houston,77002
01/29/2009 5:30,1200,Diners,Vanessa,Ithaca,14850
01/29/2009 5:43,1200,Visa,Mrs,Sunnyvale,94086
01/28/2009 13:07,1200,Amex,BALA,Accokeek,20607
01/18/2009 4:01,1200,Visa,Eleanor,Fairbanks,99701
01/12/2009 18:24,1200,Diners,Anthony,Victor,14564
01/05/2009 10:49,3600,Amex,Courtney,Mililani,96782
01/05/2009 13:46,1200,Visa,Courtney,Atchison,66002
01/04/2009 17:54,1200,Amex,ruth,Encinitas,92024
01/18/2009 8:56,1200,Mastercard,Stanford,Howell,48843
01/07/2009 12:55,1200,Amex,Fiona,Stamford,6901
01/14/2009 12:07,1200,Mastercard,Lainey,Lakeville,55044
01/28/2009 12:31,1200,Diners,lilia,Brooklyn,11226
01/02/2009 12:16,1200,Mastercard,Monique,Waldorf,20603

Incorporate Model and Migrations

In this step, we will set up the model and migration. It allows you to create the table definition inside the database.

We will demystify the table creation process more eloquently; here are the instructions that are required to be followed.

First, execute the command; make sure to use the below command to generate the model and migrations file simultaneously.

php artisan make:model Transaction -m

Open the database/migrations/create_transactions_table.php and copy the given code and paste into the file.

use Illuminate\Database\Migrations\Migration;
use Illuminate\Database\Schema\Blueprint;
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Schema;
class CreateTransactionsTable extends Migration
     * Run the migrations.
     * @return void
    public function up()
        Schema::create('transactions', function (Blueprint $table) {
     * Reverse the migrations.
     * @return void
    public function down()

Likewise, repeat the similar process in app/Models/Transaction.php file.

namespace App\Models;
use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Factories\HasFactory;
use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;
class Transaction extends Model
    use HasFactory;
    protected $fillable = [

Eventually, we will execute the migration command.

php artisan migrate

Add Large Records using CSV

Almost more than half of the work has been done, now to seed your database with a large CSV, we will use the seeder. The seeder artisan command needs to be evoked to manifest the seed class.

php artisan make:seeder TransactionSeeder

Generically, seed file stays into the database/seeders folder, now you have to define the given code into the database/seeders/TransactionSeeder.php file.

namespace Database\Seeders;
use Illuminate\Database\Seeder;
use App\Models\Transaction;
class TransactionSeeder extends Seeder
     * Run the database seeds.
     * @return void
    public function run()
        $csvData = fopen(base_path('database/csv/transaction_report.csv'), 'r');
        $transRow = true;
        while (($data = fgetcsv($csvData, 555, ',')) !== false) {
            if (!$transRow) {
                    'transaction_date' => $data['0'],
                    'price' => $data['1'],
                    'payment_type' => $data['2'],
                    'name' => $data['3'],
                    'city' => $data['4'],
                    'us_zip' => $data['5'],
            $transRow = false;

Start Laravel App

It’s time to seed the records into the database table; let us hand over this task to the recommended command.

It will insert every data defined in our comma-separated file, and we promise it won’t leave even an iota of data.

php artisan db:seed --class=TransactionSeeder

To check the imported data in your database, make sure to go to database > transactions table.

Here is the output you will view on your db screen.

Laravel Import Records in SQL with CSV and Seeder Tutorial


Up until now, we have demystified every process to import large records in the SQL database in the Laravel application. To insert the data in the database table, we used the CSV file and laravel seeder.

With this knowledge, you can seamlessly import data into your Laravel application, keeping your database updated and your application running smoothly.

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