How To Uninstall Node JS and (NPM) from MacOS?

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I am going to share with you step by step process about how to uninstall Node JS and Node Package Manager(NPM) from MacOS. I will use MacOS terminal to uninstall Node JS and NPM completely.Follow the Step by Step Process to Uninstall Node Js from MacOS.

Go to MacOS Terminal

You can check out the Node installation in mac by using the below command. It will show node js version installed in your device.

# node -v
# v10.15.3

Open the terminal and enter the given below command to know your current directory.

# pwd

Go to your root directory.

# cd /

Then enter into the usr directory by using following command.

# cd usr

Go to locale directory.

# cd local

Enter into include folder by using given below command.

# cd include

Now if you enter the ls command then you’ll see thenode folder inside the include folder like given below.

# Digambers-MacBook-Pro:include digambersingh$ ls
# node

We have to remove this node folder to completely uninstall the Node js from MacOS.

# sudo rm -R node

Remove node_modules from MacOS

In next step we have to completely remove node_modules from our system.

Follow the steps

Enter the below command to go back to previous folder.

# cd ..

Go to lib directory, hit the below command to enter into the lib directory.

# cd lib

Use the below command to remove the node_modules (NPM) folder.

# sudo rm -R node_modules

Enter the below command to come out from the directory.

# cd ..

Go to bin folder using below command.

# cd bin

Here you also have to delete the node folder to uninstall the Node js completely.

Enter the below command to remove the Node js from MacOS.

# sudo rm -R node

Finally, we’ve successfully uninstalled the Node JS from MacOS, use the given below command to check whether the Node and NPM completely removed from our system.

# node -v

We have completed our task if you are getting below output.

# -bash: node: command not found

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