Google Firebase vs. MongoDB – Which Database is Better?

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google firebase vs mongodbToday we are going to understand the difference between Google Firebase Realtime NoSQL Database vs. MongoDB.

What is Google Firebase?

Let us start with Google Firebase real-time database. Firebase is a Google product, and it’s an excellent tool to build web and mobile applications. I started using Firebase db around 2 years back, and since then, I have been using it. Firebase offers flexibility to developers, allow them to build the web and mobile app from scratch. Developers can quickly build real-time scalable web and mobile application in the cloud.

Firebase offers 2 types of database service:

Cloud Firestore – It’s a next-generation Real-time database with auto-scaling and more powerful queries.

Real-time Database – The other DB type offered by Google firebase is a real-time database. It allows us to build an app which needs to be updated at real-time. e.g., stock market app, sports app, live chat app etc.

Google Firebase Features:

  • Realtime update
  • Cloud storage
  • Easy A/B Testing
  • Authentication support
  • Analytics Monitoring
  • Easy Server management
  • Single page app hosting
  • Real-time communication
  • Hosting and cloud storage
  • Push notifications support
  • Google Cloud IoT tools Integration support

Firebase Database Structure

When we talk about Firebase so it is the best hash data-structure in the cloud. The data items are adjusted in the form of key value pair in Firebase, it is same like a JSON object. You can check out the Google Firebase database structure below or you can find out Firebase official documentation to know more about it.

Firebase JSON Data Example

 “chats”: {
   “student1: {
     “chat1: {
       “message”: “Hi!”
     “chat2: {
       “message”: “Are you still there”
   “student2: {
     “chat1: {
       “message”: “Hello there.”
     “chat2: {
       “message”: “Did you find out?”

Google Firebase Platform Support

Firebase offers lots of powerful tools to build top-quality web adn mobile apps, it helps you to enhance your user base and generate handsome revenue. Check out below the platforms which are supported by Google Firebase.

  • Android support
  • iOS support
  • Web support
  • C++ support
  • Unity support

Firebase Database Real-world App Examples

If you want to build a CRUD app with Google Firebase real-time database and Angular 8, then you must check out the following tutorials.

Final Thought on Firebase

No doubt, Google Firebase is an excellent tool when it comes to building small web and mobile applications; it offers real-time updates between your backend and frontend. It is straightforward to learn and implement.

It gives you flexibility for small web and mobile app project, however, if you are building SaaS-based applications, where queries, performance, backup, and data relations matter, then it won’t be able to fulfill your complete requirements.

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is a well known and compelling NoSQL database for building cloud-based web and mobile applications.

Let us try to understand the difference between SQL and NoSQL database below.

What is the Difference Between SQL and NoSQL?

SQL stands for Structured Query Language, and It lets you to access and manage the database. Data is stored in the tabular form in SQL. It is based on RDBMS methodology.

We heard NoSQL term a lot, it’s a non-relational database management mechanism that offers a powerful mechanism for storing and retrieving the data. The data is not stored in the tabular form rather stored in `key`: `value` pair JSON object. It is exclusively used for the real-time web, and mobile applications.

MongoDB Features

  • Data analytics support
  • Dynamic schemas support
  • Real-time Data reporting
  • Adjustable and document-based
  • Excellent cloud-based storage support
  • Easy to understand database architecture

MongoDB Programming Language Support

MongoDB supports most of the programming languages; some of them are listed below:

Actionscript C C#
C++ Clojure ColdFusion
D Dart Delphi
Erlang Go Groovy
Haskell Java JavaScript
Lisp Lua MatLab
Perl PHP PowerShell
Prolog Python R
Ruby Scala Smalltalk

Learn To Build Web App with NoSQL MongoDB

If you want to learn learn NoSQL database i would suggest you should check out the given below tutorial. In this tutorial, i build a MEAN stack CRUD web app, in which i `M` stands for MongoDB. MEAN Stack Angular 8 Tutorial – Build CRUD App with MongoDB & MongoShell from Scratch?

Should you opt MongoDB for your Project Development Stack?

To make this decision whether or not you should go with MongoDB for your project development stack, I would suggest please read the below questions:

  • Is your project’s database require to handle a broad set of unstructured queries in real-time?
  • Do you want a cloud-based backend structure for your project?

If your all the answers are yes, then I would say you should go for MongoDB. It will be an excellent choice for your project.

To know more about MongoDB the best NoSQL database, please visit MongoDB’s official website and read their documentation carefully.

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