Better Preparation Strategy for eLitmus Hiring Potential Test (pH Test)

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Are you a fresher? Are you looking for a job at an entry level?

eLitmus is now expanding its venture as an online platform hiring engineering candidates across India through assessments. The test score of eLitmus pH paper is acclaimed by the companies to shortlist their student candidates for further process in you off campus and other placements in your college.

There are around 210 Companies across India which has officially declared to apply along with the eLitmus, and as a fresher, you can get the entry-level job with the duration of two years.

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Understand eLitmus Hiring Potential Test (pH Test)

Hiring a potential test is known as a pH test, and this has been a term that is used widely. The companies before calling the candidates for the interview they check for the pH score. Even many IT companies like McAfee, Collabera, Accenture, Novell, CGI, and IBM have relied upon pH score for their primary interview process. On numerous occasions, the eLitmus test paper demand 80% and more in each of those sections to pass through the necessary process and be called by the companies.

What are the eligibility criteria to apply for the pH test?

There are no fixed eligibility criteria provided from the eLitmus to take the pH tests. However, the companies can customize their hiring questionnaire according to their academic criteria.

For example, the companies set their standard marks or eligibility criteria to evaluate their test scores especially when you have completed a degree like B.Tech/B.E/M.Tech/M.Sc/MCA in the grade of electronics, CS and IT, the companies will be looking at you pH scorecard with the relative value of your study.

With every job ad, the criteria for the eLitmus paper will be published, and you know what is expected. Especially, when there is mass demand for the position in the field of automobile, infrastructure and IT companies were freshers are highly adaptable for technology.

Exam Time Table for pH Test:

There is a basic fee you need to pay for attending the eLitmus pH test. It is at Rs. 850, and you can apply at any time of the year. Check eLitmus official website and sign up for the various updates like exam dates, results, companies involved and much more. The scorecard generated after the exam is your final eligible result. Moreover, you can use them for two years.

Syllabus for pH Test:

All you need to know is that eLitmus pH is an offline test. It is constructed in such a way that you can complete them in 2 hours. It is generally made of three sections which are the necessary format. However, this can depend on the company as well.

The three main sections include qualitative, analytical and verbal. Each section will necessarily have 20 question which marks up a total of 60 questions. However, each question carries the value of 10 marks which means you write the exam for a total of 600 marks.

You can easily crack this eLitmus exam as its all objective question type which is Multiple Choice again. Also, the required formula for these questions is also given in the question paper directly.

Quantitative Aptitude Logical Reasoning Verbal English
  • Speed
  • Geometry
  • Algebra
  • Number System
  • Probability
  • AP GP and HP
  • Time and Work
  • Time and Distance
  • Permutation and Combination
  • Ratio and Proportions
  • Logical Reasoning
    1. Puzzles
    2. Cubes
    3. Syllogism
    4. Data Sufficiency
    5. Series : Missing Numbers, Odd One Out
    6. Assumptions and Conclusions, Courses of Action
  • Cryptarithmetic
  • Data Sufficiency (Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry, Logic and Misc)
  • Data Interpretation (Bar charts, Pie charts and Line Graphs)
  • Para Jumbles
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Grammatical Errors based Questions
  • Sentence Completion (Subject Verb, Vocabulary, Tenses)

For each section

  • Max Score: 200 Marks
  • Each Question Carries: 10 Marks
  • Number of Questions: 20 Questions
  • Time for Sections: No section timing

Percentile range

  • Verbal English: 95 – 160 marks = 65 – 90 percentile
  • Quantitative Aptitude: 50 – 80 marks = 75 – 95 percentile
  • Logical Reasoning: 35 – 90 marks = 75 – 95 percentile
  • Total: 150 – 240 marks = 75 – 90 percentile

You must solve for good percentile

  • Logical Reasoning: solve 5-7 questions
  • Quantitative Aptitude: solve 5-8 questions
  • Verbal English: solve 11-15 questions
These are high weight essential topics in the pH test:

Quantitative Aptitude Logical Reasoning Verbal English
  • Numeric System
  • Elementary Geometry
  • Probability (problem)
  • Time, Work, Speed & Distance
  • Permutation and Combination(P&C)
  • Questions of Arrangement
  • Data Interpretation-Data in tabular form
  • Cryptic Multiplication -Coding/Decoding
  • English Grammar
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Fill in the appropriate words
  • Paragraph Formation/ Para-jumbles

Important note:

You will be marked negative for the answer that has gone wrong. You need to carefully mark them as if 25% of the solutions go wrong then for every wrong answer proceeding that in eLitmus paper will be deducted with half mark.

Compared to all other competitive exams, the eLitmus exam is considered robust. For you to pass this exam, you need to get 80%, and more in all sections and that will guarantee you call from the companies for an interview.

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