Difference Between AngularJS. Vs. Angular 2 Vs Angular 7

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AngularJS vs Angular 2 vs Angular 7

Difference between AngularJS and Angular 2 will be covered in this article. We will also cover how both differ from Angular 7 as well.

Difference between AngularJS and Angular 2 – Definition for AngularJS

Before we take a look at the difference between AngularJS and Angular 2, we need to take a look at AngularJS. Misko Heavery is the one who created AngularJS. He ended up building a new platform which will deal with the issues that bugged HTML. Moreover, the good things about the libraries have retained.

The first version of AngularJS came into existence in 2009. Moreover, back in the day, AngularJS was regarded as one of the most effective solutions for the single-page application. Moreover, since then, it became viral over the years. Today, AngularJS has got widespread popularity. We are going to explore the difference between AngularJS and Angular 2 below.

Features offered by Angular JS

Before we examine the difference between AngularJS and Angular 2, let’s take a look at the features offered by Angular JS below:

  • It comes with MVW Framework in JavaScript
  • Angular JS supports data Binding
  • It comes with dependencies injection
  • It comes with animations and validations
  • Hassle-free handling of the event is made possible
  • It also provides HTML support, as you can add expressions, attributes, and tags.
  • It comes with Routing and Template Engine, where both are built-in.

Difference between AngularJS and Angular 2 – Decoding Angular 2

To fully understand the difference between AngularJS and Angular 2, we need to check out Angular 2 as well.

Angular 2 was the version that came out after Angular JS or Angular 1. They had to rewrite the previous version to come up with Angular 2. The concept of the component was the basis of Angular 2. The Angular used TypeScript to rewrite the previous version from scratch. As a result, web developers will be able to enjoy better performance. It is loaded with many new exciting features compared to the previous version.

Features of Angular 2

As we continue with the topic of Angular 2 vs. Angular 1, let’s find out the features offered by Angular 2.

  • Angular 2 is faster, modern and highly scalable.
  • It supports Hierarchical Dependency Injection
  • It is an architecture based on components
  • Whether it is desktop apps, mobile or web, Angular 2 is the ideal framework.

Difference between AngularJS and Angular 2

Now let’s make a comparison to understand the difference between Angular 1 and Angular 2.

Angular JS Angular 2
Google releases it in the year 2010. Released in Sept 2016.
We use this to a framework based on JavaScript to create a SPA. They re-wrote AngularJS entirely to create this version.
It is supported at the moment. However, they intend to stop supporting soon. Thanks to Semantic Versioning, you will get to enjoy new updated version once in a while!
AngularJS has MVC based architecture. Angular 2 architecture is based on service.
AngularJS wasn’t a mobile-friendly version. Angular 2 is a mobile-friendly framework.
You can only use Dar, ES6, and ES5 to write AngularJS code. We can use TypeScript, ES6, and ES5 to write the code of Angular 2.
It centers on controllers, which has become obsolete of late. Angular 2 is based on components, which have replaced controllers.
Constant, value, provider, service and factory are used for services. You can only use a class to define Angular 2 services.
You can run AngularJS on the client side only. You can run Angular 2 on server and client side.
To initialize, we use bootstrap and ng-app functions. To initialize, we use the bootstrap module function.

We hope that the comparison table was enough for you to understand the difference between angular and Angular 2.

Angular 7 New features and improvements

Okay, now that we have figured out the difference between Angular 1 and 2, here it’s time for us to explore angular 2 vs. angular 7.

Next up, we are going to take a closer look at the new features of Angular 7. We will take a closer at how each one of these features assists in the frontend development.

1. CLI prompts

In Angular 7, Version v7.0.2 of CLI prompts available. Moreover, it comes with new features. Now when you type commands like ng-add, ng-new and @angular/material, CLI prompts will prompt you about routing, SCSS support, etc.

Schematics also include these CLI prompts. This will be beneficial for schematics meant for package publishing.

2. Angular CDK

You will notice that Angular 7 has come up with visual updates and some improvements in the material design. This was a significant update in the new version. Dynamic unloading, dynamic loading, virtual scrolling, refresh are part of the changes introduced by CDK. By importing DragDropModule or ScrollingModule, you will be able to implement the drag and drop feature in Angular 7.

3. Drag & drop

If you wish to drag and drop interfaces, that has made it easy with the latest drag-drop module. With the drag and drop module, automatic rendering has become a possibility.

4. Virtual scrolling

Virtual scrolling is another kickass feature from Angular 7. If you are dealing with lists which are huge scrollable, then you can take the help of virtual scrolling. This offers a faster method. It comes with helpers who are meant to react to all the scroll events.

It ensures high performance by manipulating the height of the container.
As a result, you will be shown only the visible elements. Therefore, it ensures a faster experience for users.

5. Improvement in performance of the application

The development team of Angular at Google has always focused on the performance. They tried to bring maximum improvement to the table. Also, they came to know that most developers dependent on reflect-metadata. They have fixed this issue by making Angular 7 automatically remove this.

Requirements for upgrading

Well, you will find that the process to upgrade is straightforward. To upgrade to Angular 7, all that you have to do is to run the following code:
angular virtual scroll drag drop code,

However, in case if you are using Angular Material, you must use the following code:

Angular virtual scroll drag drop material During the process of upgrading, you may refer the upgrade guide to deal with any circumstance which needs execution of particular commands.

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