How to Create HTML Scroll Box?

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HTML scroll box will be explored in this article. When the content of the box is too large to fit in, an HTML scroll box will make sure that the box grows scroll bars. How do we come up with a box? It is simple.

You go for the HTML element like div to create a box. Then you rely on the CSS overflow property to make the box scroll.

You don’t need to worry too much about the technical details if you are not in favor of it. You may copy paste the HTML code we have given below to create an HTML scroll box. However, yes, you can customize the box as per your needs by changing the values like color, size, etc.

Basic HTML Scroll Box

HTML Scroll Box with Colors

Let’s have a look at an example of a colored scroll box below. As far as adding color your scroll box, you have many options before you. You may click on the link if you wish to add a certain color to the scroll box. Let’s create scroll box in HTML.

Customized Scrollbars

In order to customize the scrollbars, you can use the extensions provided by WebKit. It works on the scrollbars of the browser as well.

Adding images to the scroll box

You should know that you can easily add images to the scroll box. You may add either foreground images or a single background image. Let’s see how we can add images to the scroll box below:

Managing Borders of Scroll Box

Let’s have a look at an HTML scroll box with a border.

Implementing Horizontal Scroll

Let’s have a look at an example dealing with only horizontal scroll.


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