Create Authentication Scaffolding in Laravel 10 with Breeze

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This Laravel Breeze Authentication tutorial explains how to create super fast authentication scaffolding in Laravel application using Laravel breeze package.

Breeze allows you to implement a minimal furthermore an easy starting point for creating a Laravel application with authentication.

Tailwind empowers breeze; It offers authentication controllers and views for your application which can be effortlessly customized based on your application’s requirement.

Laravel 10 Breeze Tutorial

The term scaffolding refers to swiftly create or set up the skeleton for specific feature within an application or your project. Preferably, It is mainly taken into consideration to boost the workflow in web application development.

The initial step in web application development starts with creating authentication functionality, and the frontend things are always time taking what if i told you you could generate authentication templates in Laravel within minutes using breeze auth scaffolding.

Here are the list of auth pages or controller you can create with Laravel breeze:

  • Login/Sign-in
  • Register/Sing-up
  • Logout/Sign-out
  • Forget password
  • Reset password
  • Email verification
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Profile

Throughout this profound laravel authentication example tutorial, you will understand how to easily install, configure and use breeze auth package to set up authentication architecture in laravel application from the absolute beginning.

Laravel Breeze Package Integration Example

  • Create Laravel project
  • Add Database in Laravel
  • Install breeze scaffolding library
  • Run migration
  • Install Required NPM modules
  • Run Laravel application

Create Laravel project

Lay down the Laravel Breeze tutorial foundation with laravel project installation:

composer create-project laravel/laravel laravel-breeze-auth-example --prefer-dist

Add Database in Laravel

In this step you have to make the database connection by adding database details in .env configuration file:


If you are using MAMP local server in macOs; make sure to append UNIX_SOCKET and DB_SOCKET below database credentials in .env file.


Install Breeze Scaffolding Plugin

This step guides you on how to install breeze auth scaffolding library in Laravel application:

composer require laravel/breeze --dev

Run php artisan breeze install command:

php artisan breeze:install

Run Migration in Laravel

Go to your console, enter the below command furthermore execute the command to create a table inside the database:

php artisan migrate

Install Required NPM Modules

Now, you need to open the console again and run command to install npm modules:

npm install

After that, you have to execute the command to run the npm dev server to create builds:

npm run watch

# or

npm run dev

Run Laravel application

Lastly, you have to start the laravel application using the following command:

php artisan serve

Eventually, you can check the auth templates on the given url which is powered by Laravel breeze:

We have completed this tutorial, i hope this laravel breeze example tutorial will help you create outstanding auth scaffolding easily.