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To check whether a string ends with a specific character or not, we are going to check out if a string in JavaScript endswith another string. ECMAScript provides us many better ways to play with the string. endsWith() method in JavaScript returns the boolean result.

JavaScript ensWith() Syntax

str.endsWith(searchString[, position])
  • searchString: The characters which needs to be searched at the end of the string.
  • position: If passed it will be used as the length of str. If ignored, the default value is the length of the string.

JavaScript endsWith() Examples

let str = 'Hello world@';
if (str.endsWith('@')) {
    console.log('The string got @');
// Output: The string got @

It returns boolean value to true if it matches with the specified character.

var str = 'Hello Gorgeous';
var value = str.endsWith('Gorgeous');
// Output: true

It returns boolean value to false if it doesn’t match with the specified character.

var str = 'Hello Gorgeous';
var value = str.endsWith('World');
// Output: false

The Polyfill Solution

This method may have compatibility issues, to make this method work we can use String.prototype.endsWith() MDN pollyfill.

if (!String.prototype.endsWith) {
	String.prototype.endsWith = function(search, this_len) {
		if (this_len === undefined || this_len > this.length) {
			this_len = this.length;
		return this.substring(this_len - search.length, this_len) === search;

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