Bootstrap 5 is Coming, Expected Features / Release Date

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I am very much excited to tell you guys that Bootstrap 5 is coming. Yes, you heard it right, the most popular open-source web development framework is getting upgraded soon.

The announcement of Bootstrap 5 has become a talk of the town. Web developers are amused to know when the latest version is going to be out, what’s new in version 5, and a lot more about Bootstrap 5.

If you are one of them, read this article till the end, and I will share with you all the information about Bootstrap, including its release date and new features.

Previous Bootstrap versions

Bootstrap, right from the release of its very first version in 2011, gained a lot of temptation from the developer community.

The reason was, this free, open-source CSS framework was very meaningful for web development.

This front-end development framework offers CSS and javascript based design templates and components to build compelling user interfaces.

The framework is very much emphasized towards mobile-friendly and responsive front-end web development.

This is probably why it is a leading choice of web developers for front-end chores. Soon, the second version came out in January 2012. The second version brought changes to some existing components and the introduction of some new components like Glyphicons.

From this version, Bootstrap became more geared towards mobile-friendly web development as it introduced support for responsive web design.

Version 3 came out in 2013 with changes to make the framework better, like accepting a mobile-first approach.

Bootstrap 4 took its time to be available for developers, but it did finally came in 2018. The fourth version introduced some significant changes in the framework, all to make the framework even better and updated.

Significant changes were introduced in version 4, but we will not go deeper into those changes introduced in the 4th upgrade as we are here to talk on version 5.

Version 5 is going to be out but still, and the doubt remains the same-

When is Bootstrap 5 Exactly Coming?

Well, the exact dates are not known to anybody as no official announcement about the dates has been made. However, The sources say that bootstrap 5 can be expected by the end of 2020.

What’s new in Bootstrap 5?

Bootstrap 5 is arriving with these most probable changes-

No More jQuery in Bootstrap 5

The Bootstrap version 5 will be free of jquery. This was a much-anticipated step from the Bootstrap team. Now, Bootstrap will rely on pure vanilla javascript. Bootstrap 5 would be easy to integrate with javascript based frameworks.

The official bootstrap team had already shown its intention to remove jquery entirely from Bootstrap in the past, and it seems like, version 5 will reflect that.

This was to eliminate the sizeable client-side dependency. This is one of the changes you can determine in Bootstrap 5 for sure.

Although this change was sure to be out still, many developers are not much happy with this move. The reason is apparent Jquery is a powerful technique for writing cross-browser codes.

The good news is you will still be able to use Bootstrap with jQuery if you wish to do so.

IE10 support is getting wiped out

This might not have been the need of the hour, but still, Bootstrap 5 will not support internet explorer 10 browsers.

Responsive Containers

Bootstrap 5 will flaunt new sorts of pf containers like `.container-sm`, `.container-md` and further. Earlier, Regular and container-fluid were the only available options. This would be a good move.

ESM version

Bootstrap could be used as a module with the introduction of its ESM version.

Upgrading to Hugo

Bootstrap 5 will be free of Jekyll and will now consume Hugo. This update could make the framework better and could bring it at par with the latest technology. No need to mention, Hugo is the fastest static site generator.

Scalable Vector Graphics

It seems like changes in Bootstrap’s SVG library will also take place with Bootstrap 5.

Other changes that you could see in the next major update are as follows:

  • Dropping QUnit
  • A large number of alterations in Javascript.
  • Development of Testing infrastructure in Jasmine.
  • No more support for Node.js 8.
  • Changes in DevDependencies
  • A few changes in CSS and components like a responsive sticky top.

The verdict

Though the release date is not known, Bootstrap 5 will be between us soon. The bootstrap team is working on getting changes made on Bootstrap 4 to make the framework even better.

Bootstrap 5 will be coming with some significant modifications; the most probable ones have already been mentioned in this article. Though there could be some changes in version 5 that are only known to the Bootstrap development team, so we might get some surprises as well.

The number of modifications as sources suggest will be adequate.

I hope this article was informative, and you liked reading it. If you did, don’t hesitate to share it with your developer friends. We will keep updating you with any major announcement on Bootstrap 5.

Thanks for reading.


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