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Best text editors - Atom IDE
In this article, we will tell you about the 12+ best text editors or code editors. All the devices that run on either Windows or MacOS come with a basic text editor. However, if you are a serious web developer and want more versatile efficiency, then check out our curated selection of the free and premium text editors of 2024.

You will be delighted to know that there are several alternatives to these basic text editors in the market. Below you will find a brilliant list of the best text editor that is available in the market of different categories and types.

Why Need An Advanced Text Editor?

Developers who work with Web and software applications need to use different text editors to modify and change the codes that have been already inserted or if they want to rework on the entire HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. The text editors allow the developers to open the file, write and view the source code.

These applications are of great use in removing different kinds of formats, font styles and even any kind of hyperlink which is already present. If you are trying to create a sophisticated and complex website then the editor you are using needs to be able to hand them. Here are the best text editors available in the market.

Top Collaborative Text Editors

There are different kinds of text editors which are mostly online-based and are only available for use collaboratively. Whether the purpose is for an interview or codings session with the team, the collaborative text editors can be the best text editor in getting more people in working on a single set of code.

1. CodeShare


CodeShare is the first of its kind which allows the developers to share their code and programs in real time. Therefore it has proved to be helpful for those who work remotely and during due debugging sessions. It also brings a fantastic benefit of allowing the users to talk over the video call as well which helps to enhance the communication between the people further.

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2. Codeanywhere


Codeanywhere comes with a plethora of handful features which makes it one of the best IDE in 2024 editor for coding. The advanced editor comes with remote access and also an inbuilt console terminal which helps to provide revise the previously carried out tracks. You can fetch the editor for as less as $2/month to $40/month depending on the kind of features which you have opted for.

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3. CodePen


CodePen is famous as a collaborative platform among people. With the help of this editor, you will be able to produce pens inside the CodePen platform very quickly. The CodePen also comes with a Collab Mode feature which is the best to edit a pen at the very time. You can use this feature without having to pay for the PRO version but you if you do subscribe for the PRO version, you get a myriad of other features which makes it one of the best IDE.

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Best Free Text Editors Available in 2024

We have talked about the best collaborative text editors, and now we will shift our focus to the top text editors who were available in the year of 2023. Before you decide any one of them to buy, make sure to read all the features and benefits they can bring to your work.

1. Atom

Atom IDE

Atom was released in the year of 2015, and since then it has been an open source text editor for the MacOs platform and also supports Linux and Microsoft Windows. Atom is highly customizable and allowed the people to join a community of users who have been using this editor for various purposes.

They also get exclusive access to hundreds of tools and plug-ins which are essential for editing texts and codes in software and websites. The Atom has been made with the exceptional help of JavaScript, HTML and even the CSS which makes it user-friendly. It is undoubtedly one of the best text editors in 2024.


2. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is another text editor which was released in the year of 2015 just like the previous application Atom. It has been popularly used and is still very much favorite among many. The editor has been designed to support cross platforms and runs on MacOs, Windows and even Linux.

It comes with a wide range of features which include inbuilt GIT commands, IntelliSense Technology, and even the feature to debug directly. The Visual Studio Code has also proved to be faster and more efficient when compared to the other applications.


3. Brackets

Brackets IDE

A team of web developers produced brackets for the other developers. There are several versions of Brackets which supports Linux OS, Windows, and even the Mac OS. The UI is simple and does not seems to be sophisticated, but you will be proved wrong because it brings with it some of the best features with itself. It is one of the best text editors in the year 2023.

It supports split screen mode and even the Live Preview feature. So you get fantastic multitasking abilities and real-time features which makes the usage of the application more intuitive.


4. Notepad++

Notepad++ Best Text Editor

Notepad++ is just the upgraded version of the notepad that we can see in the Windows OS. It surely is capable of doing much more than the ordinary Notepad. You can now open your documents in different tabs and also edit several files at the same time without having to close anyone.

You get more flexibility in controlling the tabs simultaneously. Even though it is not the best ide available in the market, it surely is a good alternative to the basic version. This application is only compatible with Windows OS.


5. TextMate

TextMate for Mac Best IDE

Another great text editor who has been developed for only the Mac OS users and has been awarded several accolades because of several excellent features. It also supports you to edit and modify the Xcode projects.


6. Vim

Vim Text Editor

Vim has been one of the oldest and most versatile text editors who was launched back in 1991. It has undoubtedly stood the test of time, and that is why developers still work on this excellent platform. Vim is capable of running on all the major platforms like Window, Linux and Mac.


7. Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit Best IDE

Komodo edit comes with friendly features which have fetched itself a spot on the list of the best text editor, and it’s UI offers a wide range of other benefits. One of the features is the Focus Mode which helps you to hide all the other Windows apart from the one you are working on so that you can concentrate even better. The debugging and Cursor Locator are some of the other features which come handy with the Komodo Edit application.


Best Paid Text Editors Available in the Market

1. Sublime Text

Sublime Text Best text editor

Sublime Text is a lightweight application which makes it easier for the developers to work on it and in spite of being lightweight; it is a lot of lighter on the number of features it offers. It was majorly built with a Python API for the development teams who are slogging hours on coding all today.

It has several keyboard shortcuts which makes it more flexible for the developer to use the different functions. It supports cross-platform integration and has been optimized for quick speed and easy to use interface. It comes with free and premium options, developers have to pay $99 after a trial period ends.


2. CoffeeCupHTML


This text is majorly used to edit, modify and create new HTML documents which you can understand from the name itself. So several developers are a fan of this editor. The application is available for a 21 day trial period, on expiring which you have to switch to the pro version for $49 and get access to all the features the editor comes with which makes it one of the best IDE.


3. Coda

Coda Text Editor

It has almost been 10 years since Coda has been released and it is feature rich to the brim. It is however accessible only for Mac users. So you will need an iPad or a MacBook to use this text editor. It does not come for free, and the developers who want to use it will need to pay the price of $99 for the premium version.


4. BBEdit

BBEdit text editor

Like Coda, BBEdit is also an Apple-centric text editor which only Apple users can use. BB is the abbreviation for Bare Bones which resembles the interface and UI of the platform. The platform comes with premium features like GIR integration and Code Folding.

You can choose to use the editor for 30 days for free after which get ready to pay $49.99 every month for the Premium version.


So here are the handpicked collection of best text editors which are available in the market and we have discussed them from every category that is available in the market. Whether it is collaborative, free or even paid, make sure that the text editor you are going to use has all the features which are vital for your work and programming needs.

You can start with an affordable text editor and then upgrade to a premium version once you have mastered all the features.

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